Description of attributes

Attribute About
GM PresenceAssessment of GM presence in food/feed products
Traceability DataGM presence due to traceability data
ProductsGM presence due to product characteristics
Product GM PresenceAssessment of GM presence in the product
GM presence in cropAssessment of GM presence related to the crop
Geo GM PresenceAssessement of GM presence related to the geographical origin of the product
EUDoes the product originate in an EU country?
GM RegionDoes the product originate in a region of large GMO production?
Product ComplexityProduct type
CountriesLikelihood of GM presence due to the properties of countries and regions of origin
Number of CountriesNumber of countries involved in storage
Country GM presenceLikelihood of GM presence with respect to involved countries
Coexistence MeasuresAre coexistence measures in place in countries?
TransportationLikelihood of GM presence due to transportation
Prepackaged ProductIs product prepackaged?
LogisticsLikelihood of GM presence due to logistics
Log ComplexityGM presence due to logistics complexity
Number of InteractionsNumber of interactions in the supply chain
Number CompaniesNumber of companies involved in logistics
Log StorageLikelihood of GM presence due to storage used
HarbourHas the product been shipped through harbor(s)?
SiloHas the product been stored in silos?
Systems UsedGM presence due to used traceability systems
Traceability System In PlaceIs a traceability system in place?
IP GMOAre IP systems for GMO being used?
IP OtherAre other IP systems being used?
Analytical Control SystemsAre there systems used that include analytical control?
Private ContractsAre there any private contracts?
Analytical DataGM presence due to analytical data
Analytical ResultsGM presence according to analytical results
Available ResultsAre analytical results available?
Approved GMOs IdentifiedApproved GMOs identified
Unapproved GMOs IdentifiedUnapproved GMOs identified
MethodsRisk due to applied methods
Processing LevelProcessing level
Appropriate SamplingHave appropriate sampling methods been used?
Appropriate MethodsHave appropriate analysis methods been used?
ReliabilityReliability of applied methods
Reliability For Approved GMOReliability of applied methods to detect approved GMOs
Relevant GM Crops Included Did the analysis include all the relevant GMO crops?
All Ingredients IncludedAre all ingredients, listed on the product label, included in the analysis?
Omnipresent GMOs Included Are omnipresent GMO varieties included in the analysis?
Number of Screening ElementsNumber of screening elements
Reliability For Unapproved GMO Reliability of applied methods to detect unapproved GMOs
Appropriate Data AnalysisApplication of appropriate data analysis methods
Applied Quality SystemCan we trust the applied methods and analytical lab?
Validated MethodsApplication of validated analytical methods
Accredited LabIs analytical laboratory acredited?